Designing the perfect kitchen for Christmas

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Designing the perfect kitchen for Christmas

December 06, 2022

Christmas Day is the Kitchen World Cup Final Day! And by this we mean that the ultimate test for a kitchen is Christmas Day when there may be several people preparing and cooking, and numerous dishes to prepare. How can your kitchen withstand the gruelling test of Christmas?

To create this perfect multi functional kitchen don’t hurry the design process so we would advise people to look at how their kitchen functions this Christmas and then go early in the New Year to a good kitchen designer (ideally of course Kitchens International!) and chat through with the designer how it was used on Christmas Day (and the rest of the year) and how a new one would work much better and be more multi functional, and start the design from there.
And what should you consider?

  • Is there enough activity space as there will be more than one person doing food prep and serving, and they don’t want to be forever tripping over each other?15 Brucelands 020

  • What are your work surfaces like – you’ll need durable, easy to clean work surfaces that provide ample serving areas, food prep zones and places for dirty dishes.KI-Baillie16

  • What about including a drinks area? Many kitchens designed today have purpose in- built drinks cupboards where glasses, drinks and even a drinks fridge – where red and white wine will be served at the correct temperature - can all be stored neatly and out of the way of the cooks. KI DS Showroom 7220

  • Install a boiling water tap to save time and energy as it will provide instant boiling water for veg, making gravy etc Copy of Fusion Round Gold (2)

  • Storage is king! This is the one day when you will need so many extras items from your larder, be it herbs and spices, dried foods or just extra storage for mince pies. Look into all the possible storage options for your kitchen space and choose one that gives maximum space as you’ll never regret it come 25 Dec! We have many different options to consider from spice drawers to racks on larder doors or specially created areas within a larder for categorising dried goods drawer inserts

  • Install a warming drawer for warming plates and keeping food warm

  • Bins – although we all hate waste do you have enough bin space with segregated areas for composting, recycling and general waste? 213-241-D10-277-314-j11

And finally learn from professional chefs and make sure as much as possible is prepared in advance and placed, where possible, plated up, in the fridge so choose a fridge that gives enough space for your household.
If your kitchen can withstand Christmas Day cooking it will be a pleasure for the other 364 days of the year!

Merry Christmas!
Psst - remember we will have a sale in January so a good time to start planning your Christmas kitchen.