Creating a hygge kitchen that you’ll love

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Creating a hygge kitchen that you’ll love

October 12, 2023

As the nights are drawing in and we look to ways of getting cosy in our homes, we’ve looked at how to make your kitchen as hygge (as the Danes would say) or Coorie as us Scots would say.

Firstly what is hygge or coorie? In home terms, it is to snuggle or nestle and take time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures. Something many of us crave in this fast paced world. But how to you make your kitchen a coorie place? Ochlochy Park 18low res

Creating a hygge or coorie kitchen isn’t just about decorating, it’s about creating a feeling of cosiness that gives everyone who enters a feeling of being taken care of and nourished. Think of it as making a space feel like a giant hug whenever you enter the room. It can be both beautiful and functional and will reflect your personality. Size doesn’t matter. In fact the smaller and cosier the space the more coorie it will feel. To create this atmosphere planning is key. From the start of the project make sure you infuse you and your family’s personality into the design. Kitchens Int LR 8055a

A coorie kitchen is a living kitchen so be sure to include some plants – either window sill fresh herbs, pot plants or fresh flowers. The scent of herbs or flowers is a wonderful aroma especially in winter when everything is grey. With smell being such a key sense this will transform the room.
Even if Scottish winters are dark, make sure you let in lots of natural light. Add as many windows or glass as possible, or ensure cosy lighting in the living or dining areas of the kitchen. Candles are also the perfect way to create that hygge feel.

An organized pantry or storage area immediately exudes a sense of calm. Whether the items are on display or hidden away make sure they are ordered and clearly housed so they can be accessed easily. If possible include a hot drinks station where coffee machines are stored, and tea and hot chocolate is served. These warm drinks are the staples of winter living so include them in a easy to use place.

Accessorise your kitchen to reflect your personality. Include photos or memorabilia that gives a feeling of homeliness and instantly your kitchen will take on a more coorie vibe.72dpi (3)

Natural materials are the perfect warm accents for a cocy kitchen. Include wood veneer cabinetry or warm tones to soften the style. Bespoke-Camstradden-Drive-16

Many of these tips are easy to add but will instantly make your kitchen a homely place in which to snuggle and relax. You’ll almost never want to leave this winter!