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April 27, 2023

Walking into a new kitchen doesn’t always generate that ‘wow’ feeling that we yearn for but look further and deeper and the opinion can change. We, at Kitchens International, call it the ‘Concealing and Revealing’ factor. It’s not until you open a cupboard, push back a pocket door or step into a pantry that the real ‘wow’ kitchen is revealed with its clever storage and innovative design solutions.
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There’s no one element that will make a kitchen transform from good to incredible. Given that most kitchens designed by renowned professionals are bespoke to the individual, it could be argued that every kitchen will have some wow or unique feature or features and there are many elements that will make up that special design.

The shape of a design is the starter for the kitchen. Whether it is curved, angular or linear, the shape of the overall design offers that first impression that makes a kitchen unique. Colour is a key factor in the look of the kitchen. For some it may be bold, daring and individual such as an orange accent or black cabinets, but for others it may be more restful and neutral, but either way this choice of colour (or combination) gives a kitchen design a degree of individuality.Barclay 3

Functionality of a kitchen is how it works for that family or individual and therefore determines its uniqueness. Most kitchens will have a degree of common functionality but for certain circumstances they will have a bespoke functionality to achieve the wow factor. For example, where a kitchen has a less abled user, the worksurface can be lowered or raised by the press of a button. We have worked on specific projects for a variety of different users with complex needs and the result has left our clients “wowed”.
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To create a unique kitchen the designer must understand the client, which ultimately comes down to the design brief and how good it is. A professional designer will listen carefully to the client and understand fully how they use the kitchen. Trust built up between designer and client provides a kitchen that goes beyond the norm and gains a unique style.

The framework or architecture where the kitchen is located can help to give it a certain uniqueness. Cabinetry can be incorporated into the walls or bulkheads and cornices can be tailored round islands or peninsulas to make a truly bespoke design. Into that incorporate bespoke lighting to give it a ‘wow’ factor. There’s no need nowadays to flood a kitchen with the same light source throughout; by carefully scalloping or layering lighting provides a more bespoke design, zoning areas for different uses.

Recent outstanding projects that we have completed with a real ‘wow’ factor such as the incorporation of a Tandoor oven, or a special wine storage unit, are very special. It’s something only a few may achieve but many aspire to and becomes a statement piece.DSC 0052

Subtle changes can have a high impact of transforming a modest kitchen and adding wow. The simple choice of choosing a different style of handle can personalise a kitchen. Or include glass or mirroring to create a new angle in the kitchen that opens up a shadier area or introduces a new material that gives that wow magic

Most of all (if your property allows) change your kitchen from a single cooking room to a multi-functional, multi-faceted open plan room that says wow either as you walk in, or has the ‘Narnia effect’ of discovering that wow uniqueness as the kitchen facets are unveiled.